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Try C3 Church Huon Valley.

A vibrant, authentic, family friendly community.



Our weekly services will begin on

Sunday 17th March 2019 at 2:30pm

At the Huonville Primary School Multipurpose Hall

74 Wilmot Rd, Huonville, Tasmania

Everyone is welcome.



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C3 Huon Valley is a Christian church who values community, family, and doing life together. We are a church that is vibrant, fun, family friendly and centred on the message of Jesus and are a campus of C3 Church Hobart.

Our vision as a church is to reach people in the Huon Valley on a journey to faith and build strong followers of Jesus. 

Everyone is welcome.





We love teaching our kids about how much God loves them. C3 Kids is an exciting program during the service where you will find kids having lots of fun playing games, listening to stories, drawing, doing craft, and singing songs. 

The kids who participate in C3 Kids stay in the service for the first 30mins or so, and then go to their program for the last part.

Come along to check it out, everyone is welcome.





We love to have visitors attend a service here at C3 Huon Valley, and you are definitely most welcome.

Come just as you are! There is definitely no dress code, in fact we're more interested in you than what you wear.

The service starts at 2:30pm but feel free to come early - there will be people getting things ready, chatting and hanging around from 2:15 or so.

Our 2:30pm service runs for about 75 minutes and offers a kids' program.  There is parking on site around the school area and when you arrive, you will meet one of our welcomers at the front door who can answer any questions you may have. They can also introduce you to the people running the day’s children’s program if you have kids. Feel free to let our welcomers know it's your first time at C3.

During our services you can expect live worship music, an opportunity to connect with God through prayer and reflection and listen to a life-related message from the Bible.  We do not expect new people to participate in any part of the service if they do not feel comfortable doing so, and therefore feel free to just come along and observe.

At the end of each Service, there is usually an opportunity to receive prayer.  If you have any need, we would love to pray with you, so please make yourself known. After the service, please make sure you hang around for some afternoon eats and coffee - we’d love to meet you and get to know you.



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We are a church that is modern in practice and traditional in belief.

C3 Huon Valley is a campus of C3 Church Hobart, and part of an international movement of local C3 churches characterised by bright, enthusiastic, culturally relevant services with a message of faith, hope and love. We have people from many church backgrounds, protestant and catholic, people of no church heritage, and also many nationalities.

C3 Church Hobart started in 1995 and our Senior Pastors are Shaun and Mirella White. 


Feel free to come along TO C3 HOBART ON Sundays 10am

64 Anglesea Street, South Hobart